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Atwo Studios
Based in Detroit, Michigan

Release date:
9 April 2018

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Solar Switch is an action based space arcade game! You the player, play as a planet of your choosing trying to orbit as many times as you can around the sun. The idea is to try and collect as many gems as possible while dodging the blazing sun rays that are trying to blow your planet up. Watch out for incoming asteroids! As you play make sure you watch out for your fellow space car, it may help you as you play!


  • Action: Solar Switch is a fast paced arcade game that takes place in space!
  • Space Car: Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our fellow hero in space!
  • Collect: Gather gems to help you unlock awesome new skins!
  • Innovative: Fun game play mechanics allow for a difficult challenge.


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About Atwo Studios

About Us
Atwo Studios is a small independent game developer based out of Detroit, Michigan. We here at Atwo strive to put the player first, delivering the most fun and unique game experience as possible. We at Atwo specialize in mobile games and believe that they are the future of gaming.

Solar Switch Credits

Anthony Tenerelli
Game Designer, Producer, Co-Owner

Alex Beach
 Lead Programmer, Co-Owner

Amy Tenerelli
2D Artist

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