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Atwo Studios
Based in Detroit, Michigan

Release date:
1 December 2017

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ROY is an action based color combination game that is set in the depths of outer space. Players will have control of different colors and be required to perform various different color combinations. With the power of different colors, ROY is a game that will test the players knowledge and speed of color combinations.


  • Action: ROY contains a fast action based game play that brings a challenge to anyone who enjoys a test of color knowledge.
  • Combine: Creating different color combinations that bring back memories from art class.
  • Collect: Gather stars to unlock new worlds.
  • Innovative: Fun game play mechanics allow for a difficult challenge.


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About Atwo Studios

About Us
Atwo Studios is a small independent game developer based out of Detroit, Michigan. We here at Atwo strive to put the player first and deliver the most fun and unique game experience as possible. We at Atwo specialize in mobile games and believe that they are the future of gaming.

ROY Credits

Anthony Tenerelli
Designer, Project Manager, Co-Owner

Alex Beach
Designer, Programmer, Co-Owner

Amy Tenerelli

Foolboy Media

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